Drawing and Painting

Drawing and Painting
  • Years Old
  • Class Size
    1 : 10
  • Carry Time
    3 Hours
  • Coures Duration
    1.5 Years
  • Class Time
    11:00am-01:00pm & 05:00pm-07:00pm
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Drawing class in Sharjah and Alain

Want to help your young artists build their artistic skills? Nurturing the young creative minds can help children to develop their coordination between the thoughts that flow through their hands. When a child is using his/her artistic skills, it can develop some other life skills too. Art education allows students to explore and express their own voice. Kidz-way academy introduces a Drawing & Painting course for kids to enhance their skills by giving them opportunities from scribbling, sketching and drawing. We have designed sketching classes for kids that will engage them in activities that have been shown to improve self-confidence and boost self-esteem. Kidz-way academy Drawing & Painting Course is available at locations in Sharjah and Alain. If you are looking for classes for your kids near Sharjah and Alain, we can help you.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing is generally a hobby for kids. There are many parents who wish their kids to get trained in drawing courses in their holidays and make it a hobby for them. This interest will eventually make kids pursue interesting subjects such as arts, painting, etc. Kidz-way academy is now offering drawing classes in Sharjah and Alain location for those who have an interest in it. So, get your kids to our best drawing classes in Sharjah and Alain and see how they will learn and perceive new things easily and successfully. Drawing is a kind of expression that kids give. We will know what exactly they feel when they draw certain things or scramble on the white paper. It can be used to analyze their behaviour quickly.

We have designed a unique curriculum for your kids to learn the drawing course easily. We start right from the basic concepts like color theory, painting culture, etc. Then, we go to concepts like pastel, oil paintings, spray paint, etc. to make them understand the basic concepts in it. Drawing simply is the freedom of expression and ideas. So, get your kids to our Kidz-way academy painting classes in Sharjah and Alain to learn and understand the basic and advanced concepts from professional experts. Parents may also visit and see how their kids are working on things and try to improve their efforts to perform better.

Teaching Aids:

Our main intention is making kids to learn counter-intuitive key moves. We make kids learn painting in a way that they can make this as their career and progress accordingly. Though it takes some time, we assure you that your kid is in experts hands who will impart never give up attitude in them.

  • Conceptual and practical training is given core importance at Kidz-way academy.
  • We impart a great amount of self-confidence into the kid’s brains.
  • Our professional teachers with tons of expertise in handling kids will make them easily learn advanced levels of drawing / paintings / Crafts making, etc.
  • We offer individual kits for each and every student.
  • We build their general Knowledge of art and other areas of art.
  • The capabilities levels of your kid will grow strongly after completing our drawing course.
  • To help them perform with comfort, we will remove the competition phobia from your kid’s brains.

What makes us different?

To conclude, we can say that Kidz-way academy Institute is too good at offering the best drawing classes in Sharjah and Alain right now. Our intention is clear. with our professional’s guidance, your kids will learn how to write effectively and beautifully paint in the shortest time possible. We have already helped many kids and their parents are very happy and thanked us for the kind of coaching techniques we provided the kids for easy grasping. So, we can say that we are the best institute compared to our competitors as we are unique in our way of training the kids and have been successful all these years.

  • We offer our students worldwide transferable certificate.
  • Timings of our institute are very much flexible and parents can join their kids in their specified time whenever they are free.
  • Transportation is offered to the students by Kidz-way academy Management.
  • We make our faculty and staff members available all the time as they can assist students whenever they have any concerns immediately.
  • All the kids are monitored under CCTV surveillance. So, they are in a safe and secure atmosphere.
  • We also reward and give appreciation for toppers frequently.
  • You can observe very friendly environment inside our institute.
  • We organize periodical parent’s orientation.
  • We also provide a periodical report on the student’s performance.
  • We will provide the appropriate report to parents based on the level.
  • We have made available separate batches for each and every level
  • Every student enjoys good infrastructure and amenities available at our institute.
  • We reward and give appreciation to the toppers regularly.
  • The environment inside our Kidz-way academy institute is very friendly and encouraging.
  • Frequent motivation by our trainers will give continuous motivation for the students.

Advantages of our Drawing classes

Children who take up our drawing course will aspire to be better artists thereafter. Nevertheless, the pros are more when you learn drawing and get an understanding of the intricate concepts and details clearly. Let’s appreciate the art form and make our children better individuals learning the art forms.

  • Individual attention is given prime importance at our institute. Each and every student is taken care of so well. We will understand their problems and solve them promptly.
  • Fast skills improvement is the core theme of our training.
  • We have a successful track record with skills improvement in the children.
  • Our qualified staff will guide your children in improving their creativity within the shortest time possible.
  • Our students have achieved many things with the excellent guidance and support of our certified trainers.
  • We divulge enough confidence in them so that they draw or paint with assured confidence.
  • In our drawing classes, we will teach the entire basics to advanced concepts of drawing effectively.
  • We enhance general awareness on everything to we make them learn.
  • Everything a child does is with clarity after getting trained at our institute. There will be logic for whatever they do and so they succeed easily.
  • With our training, we boost the IQ levels of the child and after training he/she will understand things with ease.

Course Details


5+ Years


1.5 Years

Registration requirements

We need parent’s passport copy or a valid ID card for easy completion of the registration process.

Teachers/Students Ratio


No. of levels

5 (Depends on Age group)