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  • Coures Duration
    30 Days
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Handwriting class in Sharjah and Alain

Want to help your child with writing alphabets, numbers, sentences neatly? Handwriting is not only a significant part of literacy but also an essential skill for life. Handwriting skills can also help children develop their reading skills. Handwriting skills in children improve and develop over time. To acquire good handwriting, children need to develop and use their fine motor skills, language, and concentration also. Kidz-way academy introduces Handwriting courses for kids to develop an interest in handwriting by giving them opportunities to draw and write. We have designed handwriting classes for kids to help them learn everything from forming letters to writing sentences legibly. Kidz-way academy Handwriting Course is available at locations in Sharjah and Alain. If you are looking for handwriting improvement classes for kids near Sharjah and Alain, we can help you.


Parents and teachers always tell the kids how to write letters neatly, slowly, clearly, but no one tells them how to actually write. Kidz-way  academy Handwriting classes in Sharjah and Alain will help kids on how to write each letter with good handwriting. Our experts offer a range of Handwriting classes for kids and assist them in quick learning and then writing. We have highly experienced and proven handwriting experts with us. Giving students the gift of writing will help them greatly in their future as we know that exams also have marks for good handwriting. We will help your kids learn how to write each letter clearly and precisely within no time.

We always believe that taking the best handwriting classes will shape the future of the child beautifully. We aim to give a great gift to our students, which is writing clearly and improvising every day. Besides that, we also give training on letters formation, sentence formation effectively. Good handwriting plays a key role in enhancing your grades for sure. So, reach us today with your kids and we assure that you won’t regret. We are offering handwriting training in Sharjah and Alain right now on weekdays and weekends as well. We ensure that your kid’s handwriting is well improved permanently.

Teaching Aids:

Our main intention is making kids to learn counter-intuitive key moves. We make kids in a way that they can make this as their career and progress accordingly. Though it takes some time, we assure you that your kid is in experts hands who will impart never give up attitude in them. Chess game is not just intense but also fun.

  • Every student will be given personal attention at our institute.
  • Our handwriting experts will offer an individual kit for every student
  • With our techniques, we help in quickly boosting the kid’s self-confidence and improve his writing tremendously.
  • we communicate kids with adequate amount of general knowledge about handwriting.
  • We help your child to increase their speed of writing within quick time.
  • We make sure that the environment will be excellent and the students will enjoy it to the core.

What makes us different?

To conclude, we can say that Kidz-way academy Institute is too good at offering the best handwriting classes in Sharjah and Alain right now. Our intention is clear; with our professional’s guidance, your kids will learn how to write effectively and beautifully in the shortest time possible. We have already helped many kids and their parents are very happy and thanked us for the kind of coaching techniques we provided the kids for easy grasping. So, we can say that we are the best institute compared to our competitors as we are unique in our way of training the kids and have been successful all these years.

  • After completing the handwriting coaching, we give kids the worldwide transferable certificate.
  • Our timings are highly flexible and it’s one of the amazing reasons for parents choosing us.
  • Safety is given the prime importance at Kidz-way academy Institute. Our institute is completely surrounded by CCTV surveillance.
  • We also provide transportation facility to the kids.
  • Individual attention is offered to each and every student. Only then, we will come to know their concerns and help in solving them easily.
  • Extra classes are offered to all the kids who need more practice.
  • We request faculty and staff members to be available at any time in case if the kids have any doubts.
  • We ensure a friendly environment for children, so that they don’t feel uncomfortable at all.
  • Parent’s orientation is organized frequently at Kidz-way academy Institute and kid’s performance is discussed with the parents.
  • Proper report will be sent to the parent based on the level.
  • There are separate batches made available for each and every level.
  • We have laid significance to quality training and infrastructure, so that your kids don’t face any difficulties.
  • Once in a while, toppers are rewarded and given appreciation.
  • We always try and motivate the kids in a fun way, so that they cooperate with us and learn easily.

Advantages of our handwriting classes

We have provided you with only some advantages if your kid is trained at our institute and there are many more advantages, which you would know once your kid joins our handwriting classes. We also make kids participate in handwriting competitions, which will therefore, aim at imparting a sense of self-reliance.

Being the finest skill development center for kids, we have been in the market for several years and have been helping kids in developing their skills quickly. Our teachers and trainers will assist in developing a well-shaped personality of the child by concentrating on the extra-curricular activities through innovative ways. When we start training, we quickly examine how the kid is writing and then create tactics to make his write clearly and improve his writing. Our techniques are proven to be pioneering and parents also believe the same. Each of our courses is carefully designed keeping in mind the kids, so that they will understand it with ease.

There are literally too many pros of learning handwriting at our handwriting Training institute in Sharjah and Alain. We would love to share a few with you:

  • We assist your kids in easy improvement of handwriting.
  • We teach kids the significance of timing.
  • Boosting their moral is one of the key aspects of our training.
  • After completing our entire handwriting training, your kids will get better clarity in whatever they do.
  • Your kid will achieve excellence in exams after getting training in our handwriting training institute in Sharjah and Alain.

Course Details


5+ Years


30 Days

Registration requirements

We need parent’s passport copy or a valid ID card for easy completion of the registration process.

Teachers/Students Ratio


No. of levels

2 (Depends on Age group)