Summer camp

Summer camp
  • Years Old
  • Class Size
    1 : 10
  • Carry Time
    3 Hours
  • Coures Duration
    15-45 Days
  • Class Time
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Summer camp in Sharjah and Alain

The idea of long Summer holidays can be a great challenge for parents, to keep kids engaged. Summer Camps for kids are a perfect way! Your little ones can stay active and keep learning while you can keep up with your career. Kidz-way academy, brings forth amazing fun-filled activities that will load your kids with a joyous camping experience. With us, you can get your kids doing everything from learning new technologies to taking up new activities and everything in between. Our Summer Camp for kids includes different activities, field trips, competitions and much more. Our camps ensure to keep the young minds busy by building their talents through fun-filled activities. We ensure that their time here is spent productively and positively. Our team of well-trained teachers aims to develop their social skills, problem-solving skills and language skills too. If you're looking for ways to keep your boys and girls busy this summer, here we are. Kidz-way academy Summer Camp is available at locations in Sharjah and Alain.

Summer camp

Summer! It’s the time that all schools will give holidays for 2 months or so and that is the right time too for children to improve their skill set. There are numerous summer camps for kids, but Kidz-way academy is providing the best Summer Camps in Sharjah and Alain location right now. With activities such as Personality Development, Handwriting, Speed writing, Robotics, etc. your children can learn various things in our wonderful summer camps. With us, there is something for every child whose parents desire to improve kid’s capabilities. So, now is the right time to join our skill development center and see how you can master various skill-building activities with ease under expert trainers.

Summer is always the best time to expand skillset of kids. Our unique summer camps will enhance your children’s experience and make them see the world from a new angle or a new direction. We will help you learn how to program robots and make them execute a few tasks by giving inputs in our robotics class. Those interested in Robotics and its future can join this summer camp. You can experience structured play and perceive new things in camps quickly. One benefit with our Summer Camps is that our programs are result-oriented, encouraging and boosts kid’s confidence levels within no time.

List of activities in our summer camp program:

  • Puzzle solving
  • Robotics
  • Art and Craft
  • Abacus
  • Speed writing
  • Drawings and paintings
  • Handwriting
  • Vedic math
  • Workshop
  • Personality development
  • Field Trip

Teaching Aids:

Our main intention is making kids to learn counter-intuitive key moves. We guide kids in a way that they can make this as their career and progress accordingly. Though it takes some time, we assure you that your kid is in experts hands who will impart never give up attitude in them.

  • Each student receives individual care at Kidz-way academy Skill Development Center. Our summer break programs for kids will help in gaining enough knowledge that boosts their skill set and takes it to the next level.
  • Our School Vacation Program will enhance children’s GK to the next level.
  • Our intention is to get rid of stage phobia, which your kids will do easily under our quality trainer’s supervision.
  • We also provide individual kit for each student based on the activity they are doing.
  • You can see a significant rise in the confidence levels of the children after completing our summer camp.
  • All the children will gain great capabilities after completion of the summer camp.
  • Once the camp is completed, students will be given rewards and certificates too.

What makes us different?

To conclude, we can say that Kidz-way academy Institute is too good at offering the best summer camp training in Sharjah and Alain right now.We have already helped many kids and their parents are very happy and thanked us for the kind of coaching techniques we provided the kids for easy grasping. So, we can say that we are the best institute compared to our competitors as we are unique in our way of training the kids and have been successful all these years.

  • Our techniques of training children are quite amazing and quick learning is possible.
  • We have a vision which is to make kids learn multiple skills under one roof.
  • Transportation facility is offered to everyone who wants to use it.
  • If we feel that an individual requires special care, we also provide special classes for those kids.
  • Your kids are monitored under CCTV surveillance 24/7 because the security of them is our prime focus.
  • Our summer camp environment will be outstanding which makes children be friendly with each other.
  • We make sure 24/7 availability of teachers.
  • Timings at our skill development center are very much favourable for everyone.
  • We do level wise batch separation so that it’s easy to teach the kids.
  • We are the top skill development center in Sharjah and Alain location and we are providing the best camps for kids with outstanding infrastructure and facilities.
  • Once in a while, we organize parent’s orientation program so that everything about the child is properly communicated and they believe there should be more skill development, we ensure that it is done by taking more care of them.
  • Once the summer camp is finished, we recognize the top children and give rewards and appreciation.
  • On the whole, our skill development center will make sure kids are highly motivated which nurtures and progresses their future in an effective manner.

Advantages of our summer camp

We have the best summer camp right now for progressive growth of your child. Our training methodology is straightforward and hence children will learn new things promptly and easily. If you are searching for the best summer camp, then reach us directly. One more advantage of learning new skills at Kidz-way academy is, we blend learning and playing to make it fun and so children will enjoy while learning.

  • Our summer camp in Sharjah and Alain location will help enhance children lateral thinking capabilities, impart unity and fun.
  • After completion of the training, kids will gain enough self-confidence that helps them see themselves as a matured individual.
  • Imparting in-depth knowledge is one of the core points for our trainers at our Sharjah and Alain skill development center and we do that without fail.
  • Our professionals will implant general awareness about a range of things that will help in understanding various things quickly.
  • Every program of ours will enhance the intelligence quotient of the child effectively.

Course Details


5+ Years


50 to 60 Days

Registration requirements

We need parent’s passport copy or a valid ID card for easy completion of the registration process.

Teachers/Students Ratio


No. of levels

Depends on Age group